Interview with the Owner

Q: What type of properties do you normally purchase?

A: Most of the properties that I purchase are in pretty bad shape due to neglect. Often the properties are in need of costly repairs that the owners cannot afford to perform. Typical buyers in the marker for a new home often pass on purchasing these properties because they too do not have the funds to purchase the property and perform the repairs needed. After speaking with a seller, we make them a cash offer and are able to close in 10-30 days. Home Owners and Sellers report to be pleased with this type of transaction because the property is no longer their problem. We normally pay all or most of the closing costs associated with the transaction and the Seller receives a cash payment on the day of settlement. 

Q: Do you use a title company when purchasing properties?

A: Absolutely. We always use a title company when purchasing properties. In my opinion, utilizing a title company is one of the most important phases in the real estate process and, as a buyer, it is extremely important to review the title history. 

Q: If you perform a title search and the title has mistakes, problems or issues, is the deal done?

A: No, not necessarily. A clear title (free of mistakes or issues) is always preferred but we will work with sellers to rectify the issues, whenever possible.

Q: What about delinquent tax bills or various liens attached to the property, will that kill the sale?

A: No, not normally. Often the seller is not aware of liens or delinquent bill and we can help the seller navigate through these situations.     

Q: What do you do with the neglected properties after they are purchased?

A: Most of the time, a developer/contractor will renovate the property and sell it. This is great because the finished property brings new life to neglected, uninhabited homes and, on many occasions, the newly renovated house is sold to first-time home owners that normally wouldn’t be able to afford costly repairs. Additionally, some purchased houses are renovated and offered as affordable rental homes.

Q: Are you a Real Estate Agent?

A: No, I am not a Real Estate Agent. I did complete the required 60 hours of approved real estate education at Manor College which is mandated by the State of Pennsylvania. Manor College has a great program which consists of two separate core classes, Real Estate Fundamentals and Real Estate Practice. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in real estate to take these two classes to comply with Pennsylvania state requirements. 

Q: So, How does your process work?

A: All you need to do is call. All of my initial appointments are free phone call meetings. We discuss your unique situation and develop a plan of action based on your needs. If you would rather meet in person, that, of course, can be arranged too!

Q: Is there anyone who you can’t help?

A: Of course, I can’t please everyone but I’m willing to try. Not everyone understands what I’m doing or why I’m doing it. But I can tell you this, if you call me for my services, you have normally tried other methods to solve your house problem. That’s how we came up with one of our slogans, Come to us first or last, we aren’t offended!  

Q: One last question. Can you help me find my next house?

A: Personally, I do not assist clients with finding their next home. We do consult with top PA real estate agents who can assist you with that process. My passion is buying distressed properties and fixing them up. I also love helping individuals save thousands of dollars when selling their home and enjoy watching them start the next chapter in their life. If you are my client, I will give you my advice when looking for your next home and (if requested) can recommend amazing local real estate agent… free of charge, of course.